What the Experts have to say

Dr. Joe Guarnera

Specialist in bio-mechanical and biochemical medicine with over 30 years clinical use of botanical extract. His research in nutritional biochemistry allowed for the design and evaluation in nutrient programs for world- class athletes.

Seven+ provides the raw materials for the body to defend, repair, regenerate, regulate, and maintain itself in all body systems

James Jamieson

World-renownedPharmacologist and Pharmacognosistwho has consulted for Merck & Co., 3M, GlaxoSmithKline, Armour Pharmaceutical, Hoffmann-LaRoche, Warner Lambert and Dow Chemical. He has developed more that 200 pharmaceutical products and is recognized as an expert in drug delivery systems.

We source only the world’s best raw materials, test them for biological activity, incorporate proprietary delivery technology and manufacture to certified standards for all eXfuze products. After 50 years of formulation experience, eXfuze products are the best available

Dr. Marcus Kuypers
Board-certified emergency physician with an extensive experience in the emergency setting. He has considerable experience with alternative therapies including, energetic medicine, medical acupuncture, nutritional and herbal applications.

When you ingest Seven+, the digestion and the absorption rate happens almost immediately. While in their raw natural form, the nutritionally relevant components are in large particles and locked up in complex molecular bundles. The extraction process removes what you don’t need, and that means the particles are smaller. And because they’re smaller, the likelihood that they can be absorbed by the cells increases dramatically. Plus, the technology that fuzes those extracts together creates a delivery system that enables the nutrients to easily reach cells as part of your body’s natural regenerative hydration process. It’s science - making your body work more effectively to heal and maintain itself

Apa Kata Mereka??

"Saya telah menjalani pembedahan mata minor dan mata membengkak. Selepas 13 hari saya mengambil Seven+, kesan bengkak tersebut telah hilang dan mata saya semakin pulih. Produk ini betul-betul berkesan..."
Mr Edward Lee, Kuala Lumpur

"Ketika hamil di bulan ke-4 doktor memberitahu bahawa kandungan darah saya rendah untuk keadaan saya. Selepas mengambil Seven+ selama 3 minggu, saya menziarahi doktor untuk pemeriksaan berjadual saya. Beliau terkejut dengan pertambahan kandungan darah saya yang meningkat dari 9 ke 12. Beliau juga membuat ujian semula untuk memastikan kesahihan tersebut..."
Pn Asnie, Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Taiwan Convention

The Taiwan 5 Year anniversary meeting was incredible. The room was packed with over a thousand excited distributors. The cultural display of a Chinese market was fascinating as the event was blended with traditional Chinese drums and dance featuring the Lion, which symbolizes protection and good luck.

CEO Don Cotton, gave a motivational speech to the attendees, Bruce TU the eXfuze Taiwan General Manager, shared the new promotions with the audience and the room was obviously packed with energy and excitement!

Taiwan is coming off its best series of monthly sales, with one month even more than doubling over the previous month! There are now four diamond directors and Taiwan and it seems that the market is poised for a major growth trend in 2015. A great job by Bruce Tu and his fantastic team!

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Japan RUBY Retreat

In Japan, the country has focused some of it promotional dollars on a yearly retreat for it’s new Ruby Directors. The requirement is to hit Ruby three times in a row and despite that stringent condition, 8 new Ruby’s were invited to be a part of the 2015 retreat to Hawaii. The retreat was held in a beautiful, ocean front mansion in Oahu. With a private chef, pool, hot tub, gym and snorkeling right out the back door, it was truly a vacation to remember for all in attendance.

Of the 8 Ruby’s in attendance, 3 have already achieved Diamond and a fourth already became an Emerald Elite Director. These are achiever to be sure. One of the Diamonds has been with eXfuze for 5 and a half years, he understood hard work and dedication and has worked hard to progress all the way to Diamond!

Robert Kelley and eXfuze CEO, Don Cotton met one on one with each of the distributors and a since these are the newest emerging leaders in Japan, a strong focus was placed on leadership and ethics.

We are left wondering, where will next years Ruby retreat take place?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Do take note of the date and venue!

walkthetalk bp exfuze RickMST2014



Both Convention Ticket & BBC Meeting Ticket only at RM80!


Membuat keputusan mencuba atau tidak, kedua-duanya tetap ada jawapan. Jika dalam situasi sedang bermasalah kesihatan, maka keputusan dari pilihan awal mencuba atau tidak sesuatu produk kesihatan memberi peluang kepada pesakit untuk satu harapan baru atau mengeluh dengan masalah kesihatan yang sedia ada.

Begitu jua mereka yang sebelum ini telah mencuba pelbagai ubat serta makanan kesihatan. Dengan membuat keputusan awal untuk mencuba, harapan SIHAT mereka direalisasikan oleh eXfuze bersama produknya Seven+ Classic.

Seven+ Classic produk tinggi Integriti... Integriti BUKAN dari testimoni sahaja tapi dari kapasiti pelbagai pengiktirafan yang memberi keyakinan kepada pengguna dengan pemBUKTIan melalui teknologi diet pemakanan serta sains perubatan yang seiring dengan kepelbagaian masalah kesihatan fizikal yang semakin menular dikalangan manusia hari ini.

Seven+ Classic sentiasa di kemaskini dengan penyelidikan dan pembangunan berterusan sehingga ke generasi keempat yang ada di pasran sekarang.

Saya juga seperti ANDA, berdiri atas kapasiti penilaian sendiri dengan mendapat maklumat awal berkaitan Seven+ Classic & eXfuze sebelum mencuba. Akhirnya berkongsi dengan sahabat yang mengalami masalah kesihatan serta ingin mencuba. Terbukti sama seperti testimoni yang telah sedia ada. Bermula episod baru di eXfuze.

eXfuze is better way

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