What the Experts have to say

Dr. Joe Guarnera

Specialist in bio-mechanical and biochemical medicine with over 30 years clinical use of botanical extract. His research in nutritional biochemistry allowed for the design and evaluation in nutrient programs for world- class athletes.

Seven+ provides the raw materials for the body to defend, repair, regenerate, regulate, and maintain itself in all body systems

James Jamieson

World-renownedPharmacologist and Pharmacognosistwho has consulted for Merck & Co., 3M, GlaxoSmithKline, Armour Pharmaceutical, Hoffmann-LaRoche, Warner Lambert and Dow Chemical. He has developed more that 200 pharmaceutical products and is recognized as an expert in drug delivery systems.

We source only the world’s best raw materials, test them for biological activity, incorporate proprietary delivery technology and manufacture to certified standards for all eXfuze products. After 50 years of formulation experience, eXfuze products are the best available

Dr. Marcus Kuypers
Board-certified emergency physician with an extensive experience in the emergency setting. He has considerable experience with alternative therapies including, energetic medicine, medical acupuncture, nutritional and herbal applications.

When you ingest Seven+, the digestion and the absorption rate happens almost immediately. While in their raw natural form, the nutritionally relevant components are in large particles and locked up in complex molecular bundles. The extraction process removes what you don’t need, and that means the particles are smaller. And because they’re smaller, the likelihood that they can be absorbed by the cells increases dramatically. Plus, the technology that fuzes those extracts together creates a delivery system that enables the nutrients to easily reach cells as part of your body’s natural regenerative hydration process. It’s science - making your body work more effectively to heal and maintain itself

Apa Kata Mereka??

"Saya telah menjalani pembedahan mata minor dan mata membengkak. Selepas 13 hari saya mengambil Seven+, kesan bengkak tersebut telah hilang dan mata saya semakin pulih. Produk ini betul-betul berkesan..."
Mr Edward Lee, Kuala Lumpur

"Ketika hamil di bulan ke-4 doktor memberitahu bahawa kandungan darah saya rendah untuk keadaan saya. Selepas mengambil Seven+ selama 3 minggu, saya menziarahi doktor untuk pemeriksaan berjadual saya. Beliau terkejut dengan pertambahan kandungan darah saya yang meningkat dari 9 ke 12. Beliau juga membuat ujian semula untuk memastikan kesahihan tersebut..."
Pn Asnie, Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

If you missed out on the last promo and really want to join the JW Marriott event, you are not too late...

Here is the final chance for you!

BERITA BAIKK!! Penawar Gout telah ditemui hasil kajian tehadap SEVENPLUS.

Penyakit gout diakibatkan oleh pengumpulan hablur-hablur ASID URIK pada sendi-sendi, atau akibat berlebihan asid urik di dalam badan. Keadaan ini adalah disebabkan oleh METABOLISMA TUBUH seseorang yang tidak normal.

Pengambilan SEVENPLUS secara betul akan membaikpulih sel2 metabolisma badan, meneutralkan ASID URIK dan mengaktifkan sel2 baru..

APA TUNGGU LAGI?? Takkan nak tanggung sakit sampai bila2?? Cepat Order Produk Hebat ini.

INGIN TAHU LEBIH LANJUT ... Sila taip 'SAYA NAK' KE Inbox saya untuk harga promosi di
ATAU HUBUNGI CALL/SMS ke 014 864 7374
At eXfuze, we have never, and will never, pay for leaders to join our company. We believe our products are best-in-class, and our hybrid compensation plan is one of the best and most diversified in the industry. By offering fast, startup income with bonus potential, mid-range team commissions, and long-term reliable residual opportunities, eXfuze will continue to attract the types of leaders that will fit within our family make up. We want leaders to join us and build with us because they believe in us, believe in our products, and believe in our mission; not because we lured them with cash incentives.

And because we actually used our start up or “seed” capital to build our infrastructures, FDA-certified GMP manufacturing facility, and develop superior cutting-edge premium phytonutritional products for optimum health and longevity, we did not spread our money or resources too thin. Instead, we kept the focus at this stage on matching the business opportunity with our skills, experience and passions.

One thing to note about the heart of eXfuze? Before a profit was ever made, on any eXfuze product,

the company gave 1% GROSS sales to its non-profit company, Viva Kids.

Classic Big Bottle vs Mini Bottle

Bismillaah | Rabi'ul Awal 4 | #eXfuzeSeven+ Classic Big Bottle vs Mini Bottle 101 by Irwan Sanei |

1. Content per container : 750ml vs 96.1ml
2. Cost (RM) per unit (ml) : RM0.19 per ml vs RM0.18 per ml
3. Suggested amount per serving for healthy adults : 22.5ml per day vs 32ml per day up to 3 times per day

FAQ : why does the suggested serving amount differ from Big Bottle to Mini Bottle?
Answer : Mini Bottle or Travel Pak is developed for travellers. When we travel, our nutrition requirement is more than usual due to physical & mental exhaustion and increased stress level because of sleep deprivation due to change of our sleeping pattern and quality, or jet lag, or change of weather etc.

If you do not travel, the suggested amount per serving stays at 22.5ml once a day.

How ever, you understand how much your body needs and #seven+ is not pharmaceutical drugs with specific dosage, so #justdrinkit accordingly.

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